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Movie Trailer: A.D.

Here’s an interesting little teaser for a forthcoming zombie apocalypse animation called A.D., from writer Haylar Garcia and director Ben Hibon. I’m a somewhat vocal critic of the zombie genre; appealing though it may be, the sheer volume of terrible films, movies and games featuring some form of the walking dead has led me to […]

Video Spotlight: Continually updated, hand-drawn timepiece

Way to have your art immortalised. This clock features moving images of its creator continually re-drawning the hands in order to keep the time displayed up to date. I suppose the novelty might wear off eventually, but still… what a great idea! Source: Neatorama.

Video Spotlight: Michael Bay directs Victoria’s Secret ads (no, really)

Quick! Imagine Transformers 2 as a lingerie ad! What? A robot in a bra? I give up. Anyway, moving swiftly on, it turns out Michael Bay has been directing adverts for Victoria’s Secret for a while now, but this one takes the brain-dead, action cliché-ridden cake. Not sure about the ladies (Okay, lady. Okay, mum!) […]

Video Spotlight: Peaches Geldof says “Like” sometimes

Here, the multi-talented daughter of everyone’s favourite drunken sweary Irish singer and charity concert aficionado (that isn’t Bono) demonstrates her uncanny turkey impression.

Video Spotlight: 50 worst videogame voice-overs

I’ve found my new calling in life. If this is the standard of vocal talent required to get work in the video game industry, this time next year I’ll be the most successful voice actor in history. I’m talking to you, Miyamoto! You too, Kojima!

Video Spotlight: Ticklish Slow loris

This may actually be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen: “Yes, yes… your tickling pleases slow loris. You may continue.”

Video Spotlight: Drunk Boston woman narrowly avoids Darwin Award

Here we have a perfect example of why the irresponsible idiots of this world need to collectively sit up and thank whoever it is they give thanks to, that the technology exists to keep their dumb asses alive, despite their own apparent determination for the opposite to occur. Fellow commuters ended up putting their own […]

Video Spotlight: Office Freakout

Ever had one of those days? You know the ones. There you are, working away at your desk, when all of a sudden your co-worker goes ballistic and throws his monitor at your head. Yeah, we’ve all been there. (Bonus wtf @ the guy who’s just stood there diligently filming the whole thing on his […]

Video Spotlight: Cat in zero-G

Today’s WTF moment comes courtesy of these floating cat-haters who, during a zero-gravity experiment, decided to find out how a cat would react to being flung around in a near weightlessness environment. Pretty much the same as anyone else who wasn’t expecting it and had no clue what was going on, I’d wager.

Video Spotlight: Stop Motion Flintstones

This exceptionally-crafted piece of stop motion animation, made as part of a feature-length episode of classic Hanna-Barbera favourite The Flintstones, sees Fred indulge in a Lebowski-esque flight of fancy. The clip was made for a Cartoon Network special entitled “Flintstones: On the Rocks” in 2001. The company responsible is LA-based animation specialists Screen Novelties.

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