Feedback THIS!

I just had an odd and possibly quite revealing experience after speaking with a customer support representative. While the rep was suitably polite, friendly and eager to help, they were at a loss as to how to resolve the issue I was having. As it turns out, it wasn’t anything too complex, but the matter […]

More “Britain is a Christian Nation” bollocks, plus meet my new hero

(Image source: clemente‘s flickr stream.) I tend to shy away from debates involving the Daily Mail. Anyone with more than half a brain cell knows it’s a hateful, vindictive propaganda-sheet better suited for post-fecal hygiene. Usually when a person I know posts or tweets about some piece of sputum masquerading as a Mail article, it’s […]

Good Blog-keeping

For those of you who have missed my numerous subtle (and less than subtle) hints, I recently started a new film blog called 7 Films, 7 Days, in which I plan to post a film review for each day of the week for as long as I can stand it. You can find the blog […]

Horns Of The Apocalypse, Chapter 1

HORNS OF THE APOCALYPSE by Matthew Pitman Chapter 1 “Easy… easy…” I was trying hard not to breathe as I gingerly extended my arm deep within the untidy shrubbery that flanked my home. Aside from not wishing to move unnecessarily and end up scraping my arm to pieces among the thorny branches, there was the […]

Movie Trailer: Tron Legacy

Tron: Legacy in HDTrailer Park Movies | MySpace Video Here’s a new trailer for Tron Legacy, highlighting the disappearance of Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), the protagonist of the original Tron film. Flynn’s son Sam (Garrett Hedlund of Troy and Eragon fame) receives a clue as to his father’s whereabouts and goes in search of the […]

Movie Trailer: A.D.

Here’s an interesting little teaser for a forthcoming zombie apocalypse animation called A.D., from writer Haylar Garcia and director Ben Hibon. I’m a somewhat vocal critic of the zombie genre; appealing though it may be, the sheer volume of terrible films, movies and games featuring some form of the walking dead has led me to […]

Movie Trailer: The Losers

Video: ‘The Losers’ Exclusive Look For those not familiar with the story of The Losers, told originally in a five-part graphic novel series by the British partnership of writer Andy Diggle and artist Jock, this all-too-brief trailer should be able to bring you up to speed. The eponymous Losers are five members of a special […]

I’m Happy For Anyone Who Wants To Get Married…

…And Really, It’s Nobody’s Business But Their Own. With the recent announcement on his blog, Neil Gaiman has confirmed that he is to marry his girlfriend of 8 months, Dresden Dolls lead singer Amanda Palmer. There are those who might question why the pair feel the need to formalise their relationship. Others might raise their […]

Video Spotlight: The Third & The Seventh

If you’re not especially smitten with fine art and architecture, you’d almost be forgiven for overlooking The Third & The Seventh. At a whacking 10 minutes plus, you might think it a bit of an investment to sit through what is admittedly a very pretty montage of architectural shots overlaid with a gentle, haunting instrumental […]

Movie Trailer: Iron Man 2

Well, here it is. The first proper look at both Whiplash and War Machine. I think it’s safe to say that Iron Man 2 will deliver more of the slick, explosion-heavy popcorn fodder that the original brought by the bucketload. I just hope they don’t pull a Spider-Man 3 / Batman & Robin and leave […]

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