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Video Spotlight: The Third & The Seventh

If you’re not especially smitten with fine art and architecture, you’d almost be forgiven for overlooking The Third & The Seventh. At a whacking 10 minutes plus, you might think it a bit of an investment to sit through what is admittedly a very pretty montage of architectural shots overlaid with a gentle, haunting instrumental […]

Video Spotlight: Plane Stupid and the polar bears

In this surreal anti-airflight video by campaigners Plane Stupid, we’re told that the average European flight produces 400kg of greenhouse gas per passenger, which works out at roughly the same as an adult polar bear. Not sure the motif really drives home the point, but the video is certainly striking and is bound to get […]

Mozilla aims to eliminate social media’s white noise with ‘Raindrop’

Mozilla Foundation, the canny souls who brought us (among other things) Firefox, have just announced a new tool under development, currently titled Raindrop. Raindrop is designed to overcome many of the problems facing those experiencing daily information overload from their various social media websites, mail providers and messaging services, which until now have provided no […]

Video Spotlight: Forever’s Not So Long

What would you do with your final hours on earth? In Forever’s Not So Long, a film by Garrett Murray and Shawn Morrison (aka Gutsack & Robot), we witness a young man named George as he reflects on his life, while deciding how to meaningfully spend what little time he has before the world ends. […]

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