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Video Spotlight: The Third & The Seventh

If you’re not especially smitten with fine art and architecture, you’d almost be forgiven for overlooking The Third & The Seventh. At a whacking 10 minutes plus, you might think it a bit of an investment to sit through what is admittedly a very pretty montage of architectural shots overlaid with a gentle, haunting instrumental […]

Video Spotlight: Continually updated, hand-drawn timepiece

Way to have your art immortalised. This clock features moving images of its creator continually re-drawning the hands in order to keep the time displayed up to date. I suppose the novelty might wear off eventually, but still… what a great idea! Source: Neatorama.

World of Art: Illustrator’s highly creative marriage proposal

For many people who marry, planning the perfect proposal is almost as important as the ceremony itself. Australian illustrator Guy Shields came up with the idea to create a series of illustrations with part of the message contained within each one, then piece them all together in a montage to spell out the crucial question. […]

8 Ways To Kill An Idea

Images by the very talented Scott Campbell.

World of Art: The Camouflaged Man

Drawing inspiration from the natural camouflage employed by creatures such as the chameleon and the rattlesnake, Beijing artist Liu Bolin, 35, exhibits a series of works where human beings are painted to blend into their surroundings. His intended message is that humans often forget that they are part of the natural environment, and as society […]

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