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More “Britain is a Christian Nation” bollocks, plus meet my new hero

(Image source: clemente‘s flickr stream.) I tend to shy away from debates involving the Daily Mail. Anyone with more than half a brain cell knows it’s a hateful, vindictive propaganda-sheet better suited for post-fecal hygiene. Usually when a person I know posts or tweets about some piece of sputum masquerading as a Mail article, it’s […]

I’m Happy For Anyone Who Wants To Get Married…

…And Really, It’s Nobody’s Business But Their Own. With the recent announcement on his blog, Neil Gaiman has confirmed that he is to marry his girlfriend of 8 months, Dresden Dolls lead singer Amanda Palmer. There are those who might question why the pair feel the need to formalise their relationship. Others might raise their […]

Video Spotlight: Plane Stupid and the polar bears

In this surreal anti-airflight video by campaigners Plane Stupid, we’re told that the average European flight produces 400kg of greenhouse gas per passenger, which works out at roughly the same as an adult polar bear. Not sure the motif really drives home the point, but the video is certainly striking and is bound to get […]

How do you like them appelles?

Insufferable UK dishrag The Sun manages to do the one thing its critics could not, and in one fell swoop puts a lid on the gutter-politicking over Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s accidental mis-spelling of a soldier’s name on a letter of condolence. Hopefully now we’ll see an end to the matter, yeah? And the paper? […]

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