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Feedback THIS!

I just had an odd and possibly quite revealing experience after speaking with a customer support representative. While the rep was suitably polite, friendly and eager to help, they were at a loss as to how to resolve the issue I was having. As it turns out, it wasn’t anything too complex, but the matter […]

I’m Happy For Anyone Who Wants To Get Married…

…And Really, It’s Nobody’s Business But Their Own. With the recent announcement on his blog, Neil Gaiman has confirmed that he is to marry his girlfriend of 8 months, Dresden Dolls lead singer Amanda Palmer. There are those who might question why the pair feel the need to formalise their relationship. Others might raise their […]

Video Spotlight: Forever’s Not So Long

What would you do with your final hours on earth? In Forever’s Not So Long, a film by Garrett Murray and Shawn Morrison (aka Gutsack & Robot), we witness a young man named George as he reflects on his life, while deciding how to meaningfully spend what little time he has before the world ends. […]

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